Why Factorise?

Smart factory, factory of the future or Industry 4.0, we all know digitalization is going to have a major impact on manufacturing sooner or later. The question is not if but when you are going to jump on the digital boat.

We at Factorise help manufacturing companies to jump that boat, to improve margins, keep product quality high and processes predictable with cutting edge and reliable technology.

We see companies struggling to make the right choices which technology suits best for their current and future situation. Markets, regulations and technology are changing so fast is might look difficult to compromise between proven technology and future readiness.   

We believe it is time for a new era where innovation goes hand in hand with operational stability. Where your shop floor is at the heart of your system to make decisions that are data driven. Where
software enhancement isn’t complex and implementation times are short.

By combining Mendix (a Siemens business), the proven low code application platform and market leader,  with our decades of manufacturing and app development  experience we created an rich and modern  Factory Apps portfolio. Finally the promise of low code is unlocked for shop floor digitalization, unlocking opportunities to digitally transform your factory and become the winner in Industry 4.0.